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Amherst Artillery
Kirkpatrick's Battery
Army of Northern

The Amherst Artillery is a family oriented unit. We are made up of families and individuals throughout the state of Indiana. We are a group of individuals brought together by our love of history. We desire to honor and remember not only the soldiers who fought but also the civilians. They fought their own battle on the home front.

Our goals for this unit are:
  • To educate the public about the time period between 1861 to 1865.
  • To maintain the historical accuracy and integrity of the Amherst Artillery soldiers and civilians of Virginia.
  • To create a family bond within the unit.

    "Elmer" is a reproduction of an 1863 10 pound Parrott rifled cannon. In position, from left to right,Ord. Sgt.Paul Ratcliff, Pvt. Brady Beeman, Capt. Ralph Downs, Pvt. Kevin Richmond, Pvt. Grant Beeman, Pvt. Doug Paluszewski, on ground, Pvt. James Richmond and Pvt. David Fritz. Not pictured Corp. Jordan Hatch

    We are based out of Richmond, IN, but have members throughout the states of Indiana, Ohio and into Canada. We have an artillery and civilian contingent.

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